Lions Mane

This mushroom grows throughout Europe. It is also known as Hericium Erinaceus, Yamabushitake, Hou Tou Gu(Monkey Head Mushroom) and the Brain Mushroom. Several studies have shown Lions Mane to stimulate the production of Nerve Growth Factor.

NGF helps to enhance overall cognitive function while also providing neuroprotective qualities. Its effect on the brain has always been recognized by ancient physicians who used it to treat what we would now describe as neurodegenerative diseases. It is also known to have insulinotropic, angiogenic and antioxidant properties. Generation of NGF  and NGF receptor cells are increased after brain injury.  Please research for yourself , there are many clinical studies available online.

We believe this to be of the highest quality available on the market as it is made exclusively from 100% organic Lions Mane fruiting bodies which have been micronised to make it bioavailable and suitable for taking in a capsule form. The powder can also be added to your favourite smoothie. drink or food.

We have recently added a double extract Lions Mane tincture. This is based on the latest research and it delivers more of the essential nutrients than other methods. For more details and to

 Buy our Organic Lions Mane please go here to our Shop.


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